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Hurricane Gloria by Cheryle Amara

I was hired by Southold School District in 1985. I moved back here from New Paltz with my 2 children and cats into a winter rental in Orient. With the storm approaching and my fear of being on the wrong side of the causeway we all went to stay at my Mom and Dad's in Southold. After the storm we went back to Orient. I remember driving across the causeway with the poles leaning across it. The space in the driveway where I parked my car had a tree down. (dodged a bullet there by being in Southold) We had no power for a few days and took the wagon and buckets to the hand pump in the village to get water for washing and flushing. It was an adventurous time. The schools were closed for days and there was talk of no snow days that year. When Southold Schools opened up teachers were showering at the school before starting their work days. A wild way to start my career here!

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