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History Videos

Eager to learn more about Southold's history?  Watch one of our fascinating featured videos. View video shorts by our interns. Then learn more about some of the noteworthy people who lived here. Topics include Stella Prince: Horton Point's Lady Lighthouse Keeper; The Hallock and Currie-Bell Family; and Captain Henry Green!

Our young interns chose items they enjoyed from our collection and created video shorts briefly explaining their stories. Please enjoy their sincere and enthusiastic interest in our history.

19th Century Health Craze! A Blue Plate Glass Window Pane.

Oldest Surviving Commercial Ship. Model of  of the 1841 Charles Morgan

Classic Metal Cone

Music Box

Historic Furniture

from the 1800s

1903 Edison

Cone Phonograph

Model of Thomas Currie-Bell's

Blue Bell Sail Boat

Please enjoy these well-researched and in-depth videos about some of Southold's more notable residents. Step back in time and discover fascinating stories as told by our local researchers.

Stella Prince: Horton Point's Lady

Lighthouse Keeper

The Hallock and Currie-Bell Family and the Beginnings of Southold Historical Society and Museum

The Story of Captain Henry Green

Interested in learning more about these and other stories related to our local history? Please visit our Museum Gift Shop, Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm, where you'll find a large selection of local books. Or, shop online and receive Free local shipping!

Did you know that the virtual exhibits on this page were created in-house and help fulfill the museum's mission of preserving and sharing Southold's rich history for generations to come.  If you hope to see more of these types of exhibits, please consider donating.  No amount is too small.  We thank you for your support!

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