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Commemorative Brick Garden bricks are available for purchase.

We urge you to join us in this exciting project—a tangible and permanent way of linking yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Our brick project is an opportunity to give a timeless gift to our community. It is also an opportunity to celebrate your connection to Southold. A personalized brick engraved with an inscription of your choice will become a component of our lovely Commemorative Brick Garden and walkways in the heart of our historic museum complex. The exact placement of the bricks will be at the discretion of the Southold Historical Museum. Everyone is invited to buy a brick, either for you or for someone else, to commemorate special occasions such as the birth of a baby, graduations, and outstanding accomplishments.

The Southold Historical Museum preserves and interprets collections that engage, educate and connect the public to Southold’s history and culture. We support initiatives that promote the sustainability of our historic past.


-Mission Statement of Southold Historical Museum

Southold has a unique heritage - one that’s worth upholding and sustaining. An important part of that heritage is Southold Historical Museum; it is our mission to not only interpret our history, but also to preserve it. Through fundraisers, memberships, and donations, the Southold Historical Museum has been able to provide quality educational programs. Like most non-profits today, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to raise the needed funds for house and grounds maintenance and repairs, and general monthly operating expenses. The Museum must act now in order to maintain these programs and be able to provide opportunities for families to enjoy our programs this year and beyond. We need your support.

Southold Historical Museum maintains an ongoing fundraising campaign to build a Pathway to History. We are offering you an opportunity to become a part of Southold’s history by purchasing a brick, permanently engraved with an inscription of your choice, to be laid on the grounds of the Maple Lane complex. Bricks can be in honor or in memory of a loved one, celebrate a special event, or be a fun gift for children who will be touring the museum on field trips. The bricks are a special tribute and create a lasting legacy in our town.

Bricks are customized to your specifications in 4 x 8 size for $200. Further customization is available through the purchase of symbols, which can be applied to the bricks for an additional $50. 

When you are ready to reserve your brick(s), please use the link below to order.

(Alternatively, you can print the brochure and mail it back with your payment.)


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