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Summer Colonies of Southold


Join us at the Mayne Gallery in the Ann Currie-Bell House at the Maple Lane Complex for a special exhibit: “Summer Colonies of Southold”, through Sept. 18. This year’s exhibition brings to life the lively stories of summer colonies that emerged in Southold in the 1920s. You can explore the history of these colonies, including Beixedon Estates, Laughing Waters, Goose Bay Estates, Paradise Shores, and more. Memories of those who summered in the colonies are included in the exhibit as well as photographs, paintings, and ephemera.


Undercover: Stories of Rum Running in Southold

Join us for a fascinating exhibit titled: ‘Undercover: Stories of Rum Running in Southold’, now open at the Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse. The exhibit reveals some unexpected sites around town that were linked to the history of rum running; and it relays actual historical accounts from residents who recalled the era. While visiting you’ll see other exhibits that portray the rich maritime culture of the area.

The museum exhibits are currently closed for the season, but we hope you will join us for special Upcoming Events.
The shops at the Prince Building remain open.

Enslavement in Southold
Enslavement in Southold Exhibit Photos
Enslavement in Southold Exhibit

The reinterpretation of the permanent “Enslavement in Southold” exhibit examines the institution of slavery in Southold and identifies five people who are documented as being enslaved by the Landon Family in the mid to late 1700s.  The reinterpretation involved incorporating the narrative of the enslaved people throughout the house.  Additionally, the entryway to the house is now being used as the exhibit space, so that the remaining house is set up for historic house tours. 

Located in the Thomas Moore/Samuel Landon house at the Maple Lane Complex.

Tips from a Colonial Laundry

The former buttery, which accompanied the Ann Currie Bell House, has been converted to a “Colonial Wash House.”  Visitors can imagine how laundry would have been done during the late 1700s. 

Located on the grounds of the Maple Lane Complex.

Colonial Herb Garden
Colonial Garden Sign

The Colonial Herb Garden has been updated to include interactive labels to identify and explore the various herbs.  By scanning the QR codes with a smartphone, visitors can learn about the various uses of the herb throughout history.

Located on the grounds of the Maple Lane Complex.

Reichert Family Barn Sleighs and Carriages
Covered Carriage Reichert Barn
Carriage Reichert Barn

The Reichert Family Barn has new interpretive labels that offer names and uses of various artifacts that are on exhibit throughout the barn.  The extensive sleigh collection, which is exhibited on the upper bays is now easier to identify, as well as the carriages that are on display throughout the barn and annex.

Located on the grounds of the Maple Lane Complex.



The new outdoor interpretive signs at the Maple Lane Complex, funded by a grant through Suffolk County Parks, help visitors learn more about the numerous buildings as they walk the beautiful grounds.  These signs offer some basic information about the historic buildings, including some historic photographs.

There is a suggested admission of $5 per adult and $10 per family which includes admission to both locations.  


Maple Lane Complex

55200 Main Rd., Southold

Hours:  Sat. and Sun. from 1- 4pm through September 18.


Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse

3575 Lighthouse Rd., Southold

 Hours; Sat. and Sun from 11:30 - 4pm through September 18.


Parking is available at Horton Point Lighthouse for a $5 fee through the Southold Park District.  Street parking is with a Southold Town Permit only.  The Lighthouse Tower is generally open  - as temperatures allow and volunteers are available. 

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