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Embark on a journey through time at our Maple Lane Complex of historic buildings and the Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse where unexpected artifacts and all new exhibits reveal fascinating stories from centuries past.


The exhibits at the Maple Lane Complex and the Nautical Museum at Horton Point are open weekends during the summer season. See dates below.
Join us for special, year-round Upcoming Events.
The shops at the Prince Building are open.

We welcome private group tours year-round!

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New Exhibits
Interactive exhibits for kids
Fresnel Lens at Horton Point Museum
New whaling exhibits at Horton Point

We invite you to uncover the fascinating legends of rum running in the area, and relive the stories of the lighthouse keepers. Learn about the adventures of local whalers, and discover the tales of shipwrecks off Dead Man’s Cove. All NEW interactive exhibits for children!

Climb the 58-foot high tower!

Special Exhibit: "Undercover: Stories of Rum Running in Southold"
Rum Running exhibit at Nautical Museum
Rum running exhibit 2023

Join us for a fascinating exhibit titled: ‘Undercover: Stories of Rum Running in Southold’, now open at the Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse. The exhibit reveals some unexpected sites around town that were linked to the history of rum running; and it relays actual historical accounts from residents who recalled the era. While visiting you’ll see other exhibits that portray the rich maritime culture of the area.

Maple Lane Complex
2023 Exhibit (NOW CLOSED):
Answering the Cal
l: The History of Southold Fire Department


Heading 1

Heading 1

Come join us for a fascinating new exhibit titled "Answering the Call: The History of Southold Fire Department." This exhibit showcases the rich history of the Southold Fire Department, which dates back to 1886. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the department's founding, as well as its evolution over the years. Regular admission of $5 or $10 families also includes access to the Maple Lane Complex grounds and buildings, as well as new exhibits and displays at the nearby Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse.

Ongoing Exhibits:
Enslavement in Southold
Enslavement in Southold Exhibit Photos
Enslavement in Southold Exhibit

The reinterpretation of the permanent “Enslavement in Southold” exhibit examines the institution of slavery in Southold and identifies five people who are documented as being enslaved by the Landon Family in the mid to late 1700s.  The reinterpretation at the Thomas Moore/Samual Landon house at the Maple Lane Complex involved incorporating the narrative of the enslaved people throughout the house.  Additionally, the entryway to the house is set up as the permanent exhibit space.

Tips from a Colonial Laundry

The former buttery, which accompanied the Ann Currie Bell House, has been converted to a “Colonial Wash House.”  Visitors can imagine how laundry would have been done during the late 1700s. 

Located on the grounds of the Maple Lane Complex.

Colonial Herb Garden
Colonial herb garden at the Maple Lane Complex

The Kitchen Garden was a mainstay for Colonial families in Southold.  In it, women grew the vegetables and herbs used on a daily basis for their families.  The Colonial Herb Garden, set behind the 1700s Thomas Moore House at Southold Historical Museum's Maple Lane Complex is a representation of the types of herbs a household might've grown.

Reichert Family Barn Sleighs and Carriages
Covered Carriage Reichert Barn
Carriage Reichert Barn

The Reichert Family Barn has new interpretive labels that offer names and uses of various artifacts that are on exhibit throughout the barn.  The extensive sleigh collection, which is exhibited on the upper bays is now easier to identify, as well as the carriages that are on display throughout the barn and annex.

Located on the grounds of the Maple Lane Complex.



The new outdoor interpretive signs at the Maple Lane Complex, funded by a grant through Suffolk County Parks, help visitors learn more about the numerous buildings as they walk the beautiful grounds.  These signs offer some basic information about the historic buildings, including some historic photographs.

There is a suggested admission of $5 per adult or $10 per family which includes admission to both locations.  


Maple Lane Complex

55200 Main Rd., Southold

Hours:  Sat. and Sun. from 1pm- 4pm, June 29 through September 15.


Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse

3575 Lighthouse Rd., Southold

 Hours: Sat. and Sun. from 11:30am - 4pm, May 25 through September 15.


Parking is available at Horton Point Lighthouse for a $5 fee through the Southold Park District.  Street parking is with a Southold Town Permit only.  The Lighthouse Tower is generally open  - as temperatures allow and volunteers are available. 

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