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"Franklin" Mile Markers

The Mile Markers located on the North Fork on Long Island were placed there in 1829, by order of New York State to denote the road that made its way from east to west through the town to the nearest post office. The Main Road in Southold, which ran from Orient Point to Laurel, turned south at what is now Boisseau Avenue after it made its way around the marshy land and waters that divided Southold from what is today Greenport.  


Southold’s Town Board, after receiving the state mandate ordered its Highway commissioners to set up stone markers carved with the miles to the nearest post office, which was at the time in Suffolk Courthouse, today Riverhead.  


Markers numbered 1-6 which were located west of Laurel in Riverhead Town were made from wooden boards, and no longer exist.  Robert P. Long’s 1991 book on the Markers has a number of errors regarding the existing stones and their history.  Below are images of the North Fork markers in their current state.

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