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A World Unto Itself: the Remarkable History of Plum Island, New York - SOFT COVER Price: $30.00 Shipping & Handling: $7.00

A World Unto Itself (Soft Cover)

  • A World Unto Itself: the Remarkable History of Plum Island, New York - Softcover

    Islands are by nature mystical, mysterious and mutable. So it seems fitting that Plum Island, located at the tip of Long Island, NY is shaped like a question mark. But, this island is different - it is unlike any other island anywhere in the world. After the Montaukket tribe sold Plum Island to an Englishman in 1659 for a coat and a few tools, it was owned for 250 years by a handful of families who had the instincts and cleverness to persevere through both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Little by little, they sold their land to men with power, money and plans to develop the island as a summer resort. Instead, however, the Spanish-American War sparked concern about U.S. coastal defenses. And as the century turned, Plum Island was transformed into Fort Terry, a heavily armed military installation. It was during that era that it served as the site of one of the most infamous court martials of the 20th century, one that would effectively sanction the exclusion of homosexuals from the military for decades to come. For the 60-plus years since the Army's departure, research conducted at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center has generated numerous breakthroughs in the diagnosis and prevention of animal diseases worldwide. But for many in the 21st century, Plum Island - heavily patrolled and off-limits to virtually everyone - remains shrouded in secrecy and is viewed with skepticism to apprehension about what really goes on there. Through its many incarnations, Plum Island has managed to remain in a semi-natural state. Today, it provides a rare glimpse of what much of the Northeast was like before it was gripped by "progress." At the same time, it bears the marks of the human history that has unfolded there. For the first time this new book reveals the long hidden history of this unique island. Richly illustrated and annotated, this book is a must for anyone interested in the history of one of the most mysterious and fascinating islands on earth.

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