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Do you have memories, images, or media relating to historic events that have affected Southold (including the COVID-19 pandemic)?  Would you like to share your writings, images, or artifacts?

Southold Historical Museum is looking submissions from anyone who would like to share information or memories of historical events as they relate to Southold.  

Historic events of interest include:

Hurricane of '38 (1938), Pearl Harbor Day (1941), the assassination John F. Kennedy (1963), the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.(1968), the Moon Landing (1969), the Blizzard of '78 (1978), Hurricane Gloria (1985), the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion (1986), Southold's 350th Anniversary(1990), 9/11(2001), the North East Black Out (2003), Hurricane Sandy (2012), and the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020).

Topics of interest include: 

Albert Einstein, the Civil Rights Movements, CauliflowerFarming, Duck Farming,Fishing,Immigration, Migrant Workers, Oyster Farming, 

Potato Farming, Rum Running, the Submarine Base as well as gone but not forgotten Businesses.  Please feel free to submit information on any other topic that you consider to be of importance and worth documenting.  


We are looking to hear about YOUR experiences!  If you are open to us sharing your submission, please indicate as such below. Thank you for your support and contributions

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