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The Versatile Reverend

  • In some ways those of today can easily connect with a man like Loren A. Rowley. He could not support his family on his primary salary, and so he found other professions and activities to supplement his income. He fixed machines, repaired objects, and also became a well-known photographer. Traveling across the east end of the island, he captured the ancient seat of the Gardiner family as well as the establishment of the Spanish American War Camp Wikoff. Rowley's photographic abilities were quite good, and during his tenure on the North Fork of Long Island he captured a number of everyday scenes which today provide a lasting legacy for all of us. This very brief survey of his life and career touches upon the place in which he was raised, his family, his years as a minister, and his contribution to the history of our town. It is hoped that this small effort will provide new information to the public on a man worthy of further study.

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