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Executive Director

Southold Historical Museum seeks an Executive Director (ED) to begin in September of 2024 with the following compensation package:  salary of $70 to $80,000, depending on experience and qualifications. The position includes a benefits package, PTO time, holidays, and sick leave.


Preference for minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree in museum studies, history, or a related field, in addition to three years of work in the field. Bilingual a plus.


General Information:

The mission of the Southold Historical Museum is “To promote interest in and education about the history of Southold.”  Beginning in 1960, a cadre of volunteers aimed to fulfill this mission. Today, a team of professional staff (Full-time ED + 5 part-time staff), over 120 active volunteers, and a dedicated Board work together to preserve and share the history, keeping in mind today’s audience and community.


Southold Historical Museum is a private 501(c)(3) organization. With an operating budget of just under $500,000, the Museum has an active calendar filled with programs, fundraisers, and ongoing initiatives. The Museum relies on donations, grants and investment account interest for operating expenses.


Southold, NY is situated on Long Island’s North Fork, approximately 100 miles from NYC. With a long history of farming and maritime activity, today’s residents and visitors are attracted to the beautiful landscape and historic style of Southold. The community includes both an active group of year-round residents and a growing group of seasonal visitors.


Executive Director Job Description summary:

  1. Reports to: President of Board of Trustees.

  2. Oversees: All office personnel, consultants, and volunteers.

  3. Employment Status: Full-time Exempt.

  4. Role: The Executive Director provides executive leadership with overall, day-to-day management and operational responsibilities for the organization, including implementation of board directives and policies. As an administrative officer of the corporation, the ED has signature authority and serves as a non-voting advisor to the board.

  5. Responsibilities include: Committee Oversight, General Management, Policies, Personnel, Governance and Board Operations, Fiscal, Planning, Programs and Evaluation, Resource Development and Public Relations.   SEE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION BELOW.

Deadline of August 9, 2024.

Send resume and references to:                                                                                                                                                             

Job Description


Executive Director Job Description

Reports to: Board of Trustees.                                                                                                   

Oversees:   All office personnel, consultants, and volunteers.                                                                      

Employment Status: Full-time, exempt.

Role:  The Executive Director (ED) provides executive leadership with overall, day-to-day management and operational responsibilities for the organization, including implementation of board directives and policies. The ED, as an administrative officer of the corporation, has signature authority, and serves as a non-voting advisor to the Board.



Committee Oversight:

  • Work with, interface, and oversee committees through committee chairs to ensure effective management.

  • Actively encourage recruitment and participation of volunteers.

General Management:

  • Ensure that the day-to-day operations of the Museum function smoothly.

  • Provide effective human resource management wherever needed.

  • Provide and coordinate asset management as needed.

  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities for staff.

  • Oversee proper maintenance of the Museum’s buildings and grounds.


  • Inform and provide professional advice and input as appropriate.

  • Ensure the proper and timely implementation of board policies.

  • Develop operational procedures and ensure that they are compliant and consistently applied.


  • Hire, supervise, delegate to, evaluate, and terminate staff with board guidance.

  • Maintain a climate which attracts, keeps, and motivates top quality people, both professional and volunteer.

  • Ensure the development of employee knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives.

  • Ensure compliance with personnel policies and applicable laws/regulations.

Governance and Board Operations:

  • Attend all board meetings and attend, where needed, committee meetings.

  • Assist the Board President and committee chairs in preparing agendas.

  • Work with the Secretary to coordinate the logistics of all board and committee records.

  • Work with the Board in assessing and developing its needs.

  • Advise and support the Board in advancing and protecting the Board’s fiduciary obligations.

  • Serve as a non-voting advisor to the Board.


  • Manage the Museum’s resources within established laws, regulations, and policies.

  • Assist the Board in preparation and revision of the annual budget.

  • Advise the Board on internal control improvements and ensure compliance with fiscal policies and procedures.

  • Assist the treasurer in reporting to the Board if needed.

  • Work with the treasurer to provide effective management of finances.

  • Assume day-to-day cash management responsibilities for the Museum.

  • Has signature authority for contracts and instruments as authorized by board policy or resolutions.

Planning, Programs and Evaluation:

  • Give direction to the formulation and leadership to the achievement of the Museum’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual objectives and goals.

  • Assist the Board in developing and implementing strategic annual and multi-year plans.

  • Ensure proper and timely implementation of the strategic plan as directed and assigned.

Resource Development and Public Relations:

  • Ensure timely and appropriate grant development and reporting.

  • Oversee fundraising planning and implementation as directed or assigned by the Board, including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals ad administrating fundraising records and documentation.

  • Represent the Museum at community, interagency, and social functions.

  • Serve as official spokesperson for the Museum, along with the Board President.

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