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Southold Historical Museum is very lucky to have a number of important paintings at the Nautical Museum.
These include:
The S. S. Saratoga

By Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921). One of the ships that brought immigrants from Cuba to the United States through New York Harbor. Built in 1879 and operated by the Ward Line, she was later sold and lost off Busby Island in March of 1908.




By Henry Prellwitz, N.A. (1865-1940). Prellwitz, a summer resident of nearby Peconic, painted this scene in front of his own house during a storm which badly damaged his dock. The painting was exhibited at the National Academy during the 1930s.



Plum Gut Lighthouse

By an Unknown Artist, c. 1880. This painting depicts the 2nd Plum Island Lighthouse, which replaced a single tower structure during the late 1860s. The small house to the right is the old keepers quarters, which has since been lost.




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