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Eager to learn more about Southold's history and about Southold Historical Museum?  Watch one of our fascinating, featured videos.  Topics include "The Hallock and Currie-Bell Family and the Beginnings of Southold Historical Museum", a virtual exhibit of the first and second floor of the Ann Currie-Bell house located at our Museum Complex as well as the interesting story of Captain Henry Green!

Did you know that the virtual exhibits on this page were created in-house and help fulfill the museum's mission of preserving and sharing Southold's rich history for generations to come.  If you hope to see more of these types of exhibits, please consider donating.  No amount is too small.  We thank you for your support!

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A tour of the Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse, Southold, NY.

Fascinated by the story of Captain Henry Green?  Local author, Rosemary McKinley has written a historical fiction story based on research about the life and times of Captain Henry Green.  Click the button below to check out her book Captain Henry Green a Whaler in our online store!

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